Matilda Easter Egg Tutorial


Have a Matilda the Musical inspired Easter and get crafty by making our Matilda character eggs! Get creative and see how many characters from the show you can create, we’ve created Mrs Wormwood, Mr Wormwood and Miss Trunchbull which you can create using the tutorial below.

What you need

Eggs (hard boiled or with insides blown out)

Multi coloured card

Multi coloured tissue paper

Googly eyes

Multi coloured felt pens


Pom poms






Mrs Wormwood

1. Cut a strip of blue card and staple into a circle for the base

2. Scrunch pink and blue tissue paper into balls

3. Stick the tissue paper on the card

4. Bring Mrs Wormwood to life by sticking some googly eyes on her!


5. Use felt pen to draw Mrs Wormwood a big red smile and some fluttery eyelashes

6. Stick yellow feathers onto her head for her voluminous hair!

7. Finally add a scrunched piece of pink tissue paper for the finishing touch with a flower in her hair.

8. Mrs Wormwood is now ready for an eggy version of the Bi-annual international amateur Salsa and Ballroom Dancing Championships.


Mr Wormwood

1. Cut a strip of green card and draw a black and blue criss-cross pattern.

2. Staple into a circle to hold the egg

3. Stick on some small beady eyes


4. Stick green feathers on top for Mr Wormwood’s unfortunate hair mishap!

5. Use pens to draw on a red mouth and a dark mischievous moustache

46. To make Mr Wormwood’s iconic hat, cut a disk and strip of card and colour brown (or use brown card if you have it). Stick the strip into a ring and attach on top of the disk.

7. Stick to Mr Wormwood’s head and he’s all set to go and watch the Tele!


Miss Trunchbull

1. Cut a strip of white card and draw a collar and red tie in the centre.

62. Colour the remainder of card brown and staple into a circle for the base.

3. Stick on small scary eyes.

74. Draw a thick mono-brow and create a mole out of a small ball of tissue paper coloured black.

5. Draw a frowning, evil mouth and stick the mole above.

6. To create the Trunch’s infamous hair bun, colour a white pom pom black (or use a black pom pom if you have one) and glue to the top of her head.

87. Draw the rest of her hair with a black pen and Miss Trunchbull is ready to go and lock some mini eggs in the Chokey!