National Storytelling Week: Fan Story

09 Feb 2018

To celebrate National Storytelling Week we invited our Instagram followers to help us write a story together. We were so impressed with what they came up with that we’ve published it here for all to enjoy!

@matildathemusical Our story begins with two best friends sat in the playground outside their school…
@withdynamiteinherhair they both were super excited because they had had the best weekend and couldn’t wait to tell each other!
@spookipigeon Suddenly a giant chicken flew by and ate their books…
@naughtytilda But, it wasn’t just any ordinary chicken, it was an evil chicken who was determined to rid all the world of books and stories.
@lucyyvv_The friends gasped in amazement! Until they saw the chickens evil gaze towards them, “RUN” both of the friends shouted
@chokey_chant and then they run as fast as they could to hide from the giant and evil chicken
@sue46hughes As they ran via the school garden, they noticed a fox lurking in the bushes. The girls shook their leftover books in front of the evil chicken to encourage it to follow them towards the hiding place of the fox.
@elliebendahan However, the fox was their friend and tried to help them from the evil chicken, but the fox wasn’t fast enough!
@meg8mhs2 The chicken managed to grab the tail of the fox, and dragged him under the monkey bars. The girls decided to make a plan to save their friend and their books.
@steves.hairspray Suddenly Uncle Jesse (from full house) came to save the day
• @_annabel_a_ he rode up in his convertible slicking his hair back and ran over to see what was happening
@raiz4866 And just as he arrived on the scene, the chicken laid an egg! The fox accidentally crushed it, which made the chicken even more angry… Then she noticed the empty KFC boxes in the back of Uncle Jesse’s convertible. The fox, Uncle Jesse and the two little girls held their breath. There was complete silence. Then chicken-zilla let out an almighty squark, her eyes blazed with anger….
• @alicepalmer_main And the chicken burst into flames and disappeared, when the fox saw this happen it ran away ! The girls looked at each other and they had no idea what was happening ….
@sacha.morris They were both so confused yet they jumped into uncle jesse’s car and went to maccas for lunch until they came across The President.
@horses_and_dog_lover He said hello and asked how all three of them are and then he invited them in to the White House and then out of no were the same chicken appeared
@juliette_oceana That chicken ran around the White House and the three girls chased after it, like a wild goose chase, but with a chicken, causing more havoc in the White House
• @emilythehappygal Then, one of the chickens laid an egg, a very special egg, it wasn’t a white egg but a BLUE egg! The President was in absolute shock! So… he stepped on it
@musicaltaylorellen Then the girls saw a secret passage leading to a secret library with music playing and treats for free
• @sianafrench Thankfully the blue egg was magic and so hadn’t cracked. They grabbed it and ran through the secret passage to find the most amazing thing on the other side…
@ella_3811 They danced around in the room and ate cake
@musicals.wonderland But inside the egg was a beautiful little baby bird…now it was hurt. What should he DO??
@jakeybakey5 They took the baby bird into the room and cuddled it, but suddenly…
@elfearnba_ The bird grew and turned into a giant green chicken!
@embo_music Then it ran away
@4nn4_tuck The girls began to follow it and suddenly it swooped down and they jumped aboard its huge wings and flew away
@grace.carrollx Suddenly the wind blew and they fell off its wings
@stellaxedith.90 And they came across a unicorn and flew on its back and went back to the chicken
@jkira The chicken began to skwark and flap it’s wings frantically. It seemed as though it was in pain…
@ameera_dance_11 So the girls rode on their unicorn with the chicken in their arms until they came across a women
@peapod_eleanor06 The woman was wearing a dark black coat and holding a shiny , purple book
@olivia_rans The book contained magical spells, but only the woman knew how to read it!
@naughty.maggot The woman told them that the book contained the solution to world peace and global warming, but in order to use the spells they must complete 3 tasks
@milli3.xo Task 1: Get the magical plant that lay beneath the ground Task 2: Sneak past the goblins and steal the ancient pendant from the head goblin Task 3: Put blood, the plant and the pendant into a cauldron and wait…
@charlottepenrith If you have waited between 5 and 10 minutes you should notice that blue bubbles are beginning to fill the room
@teganmarie100205 Then a magic goblin will evolve in the form of bubbles ask him he will help you
@emmaprach_xx He will help you buy nodding once for yes and twice for no, now you need to reach down to the ground and believe to find the magic plant….
• @x_abi_drudge_x If u believe it will be easy, if u don’t you will find it very hard.
• @emilyywilliams_x the girls looked at each other anxiously but they realised that they had to do this, it was in their destiny…
• @rosemeikle Luckily, the two brave girls believed and were able to find the magic plant, which they placed in the cauldron before sprinting towards the goblins to retrieve the pendant
@hannahlouise.00 They battled the goblins and won with ease….. or so they thought , a nasty goblin placed a mystery spell on one of the girls
• @sunsetwilliams They walked for a distance when suddenly a booming voice sounded, shaking the trees and said “wait my friend, a horrible spell is upon you, if you want to live, follow the path i will set before you”
• @annabel_deh They looked at each other scared but nodded and followed the path anxious to see what was about to happen when they reached the end of the path. They shuddered with fear, “I don’t like this” one girl said who was in the very back hiding behind her friend who seemed quite brave considering what had just happened
• @rhithebee72 Walking further revealed A ladder unfurled from a tall tree with a small cottage tucked among the branches
• @leah5price With lava in the distance
@megan.deann04 The two were frightened by the lava but they decided to carry on
@gavin_pants Aura and Amphitrite walked down the path. Boiling hot lava fast approaching, they were unsure as to what they should do. Then the cloaked woman appeared and told them “You both have the power to overcome the power”.
@tweedledee.adelyn Amphitrite, confused, asked, “What is the power?” The woman looked at her and in a secretive tone replied, “The power you posses is not physical, but it is very real.” With that the mysterious cloaked woman disappeared as she had arrived.
@e.llakemp and that was the end of the story. the end
@maddyfangirl74 But not for long, as the girls returned home a swamp appeared and they began to sink!
@x_itz_esme_x They swam as far as they could but they weren’t successful…
@paigetamarab They started to drown but knew that someone was there to save them…
@eleanor.holgate9 A fox with fur as orange as an apricot had dived in and was swimming towards them….
@robertdonnellyofficial However, his little paws were no match for the thick, boggy swamp. He knew that he had to call reinforcements, so…
@squeaky_note When a bang and and crash erupted from the bins behind them.
@kalila_boo The two best friends were really Matildas in disguise! …they used their magic powers to revive the egg and put it on display in the local museum
@loveboggess In the end, they never completed the 3 tasks given to them in order for world peace, but they sure had a fun adventure!