Quickfire Questions with Tim Minchin & Dennis Kelly- Part 2

Take a look at the second part of our Quickfire questions with Tim Minchin (music & lyrics) and Dennis Kelly (book):



Books or Looks?

Tim: Well, books sadly. If I could be better looking I’d choose looks.

Dennis: Can I say books and looks? Can I say good looking books?

Tim: He’d judge them by the cover, he’s very superficial!

Dennis: Very Superficial human!


Quiet or Loud?

Tim: Quiet at home.

Dennis: Yeh, loud sometimes but you know, quiet’s nice as well.

Tim: If I had to choose one for a while I’d go quiet.


Hammer throw or Shotput?

Dennis: Hammer throw. There’s no fun in putting a shot is there? What do you do? Like that, that’s nothing!

Tim: No it’s the leverage, the joy of the spin.

Dennis: Do you roll around like that? But Hammer you just get in there, you just manoeuvre yourself.

Tim: Yeh anything that has a bit of centrifugal. Centrifigal? Centri… Force. Spinny!