Quickfire Questions with Tim Minchin & Dennis Kelly- Part 3

Take a look at the final part of our quickfire questions with Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly, the writers of the music/lyrics and book for Matilda the Musical.


Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Tim: Milk

Dennis:  Milk


Dogs or Cats?

Both: Dogs.


Spelling Right or Spelling Wrong?

Dennis: Wrong!

Tim: Which right do you want us to spell? R.I.G.H.T…

Dennis: Doesn’t matter I can’t spell it either way! I’m a terrible speller, I’ve got terrible handwriting and I’ve got no grammar. I really shouldn’t be doing this job, they should really get someone who knows what they’re doing!

Tim:  Well…


Grin and Bear It? Or Put It Right?

Tim:  Well, to be honest grin and bear it mostly!

Dennis: I think put it right. You’ve got to put it right haven’t you? You do, you would put it right, you wouldn’t just grin and bear it.

Tim: It’s hard if you go into the world wanting to put things right. One of the great dilemmas of life is dealing with when you can’t I suppose. Sometimes you have to grin and bear it but if your intent is to put it right then you can probably get somewhere near the kind of awesomeness of Matilda!

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