Music and Lyrics by Tim Minchin
With orchestrations by Chris Nightingale
Dialogue by Dennis Kelly

Somewhere along the way, my dear, you’ve made an awful error,
You oughtn’t blame yourself, now, come along.
You seem to think that people like people what are clever,
It’s very quaint, it’s very sweet, but wrong.
People don’t like smarty pants what go
Round claiming that they know stuff we don’t know.
Now here’s a tip:
What you know matters less
Than the volume with which what you don’t know’s expressed
Content has never been less important, so…
You have got to be

Loud (Loud! Loud! Loud!)

Girl, you gotta learn to stand up
And stick out from the crowd
A little less flat, a lot more heel!
A little less fact, a lot more feel!
A little less brain, a lot more hair!
A little less head, a lot more derrière!
No one’s going to tell you when to shake your tush, well
You gotta light – don’t hide it under a bushel
No one’s gonna look if you don’t stand out,
No one’s gonna listen if you don’t shout.

No one’s gonna care if you don’t care,
So go and put some highlights in your hair,
Cos you gotta highlight what you got!
Even if What you got is not a lot!
You gotta be…

Loud (Loud! Loud! Loud!)

You gotta give yourself permission to shine,
To stand up and be proud
A little less zzz, a lot more zing!
A little less shhh, a lot more schwing!
A little less dressing like your mum,
A little more bum-ba-bom-bom bom bom ba-bom!

I look nice… You don’t!
No one’s gonna tell you when to wiggle your bumba
No one’s gonna luv ya if you don’t know the rhumba
Everybody loves a little something exotic
But learnin’ a language is over the top

It Doesn’t really matter if you don’t know nowt
‘s long as you dunno it with a bit of clout

The less you have to sell, the harder you sell it
The less you have to say, the louder you yell it
The dumber the act, the bigger the confession
The less you have to show the louder you dress it
You gotta get up, you gotta get up and be –

LOUD! (Loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, loud, LOUD!)

Your judges!
Come here, you.
10, 10, 10. What’s this? 10!

You gotta be loud! (Loud! Loud! Loud!)
And stick out from the crowd
You listening?
You gotta be loud! (Loud! Loud! Loud!)
You gotta give yourself permission to shine
To stand up and be proud, proud, proud, proud!
Fink you’re clevva? Whatevva!
You gotta be

Loud , loud, loud, loud…
Loud, loud, loud, loud! Loud! Loud! Loud! Loud!

You gotta be LOUD!