Quickfire Questions with Tim Minchin & Dennis Kelly- Part 1

We caught up with Tim Minchin, who wrote the music and lyrics for Matilda The Musical, and Dennis Kelly, the writer of the book for the show, and asked them some (not so) quick-fire questions.



Chocolate cake or chocolate bar?

Dennis: Bar

Tim: Baa


To Be or Not to Be?

Dennis:  Is.. No I’m not going to say that.

Tim: To Be. I mean as a fall-back position keeping being probably takes less effort.

Dennis: To be, yeh to be. Not to be is a bit negative isn’t it.

Tim:  Yeh. Famously!

Dennis: Look what happened to Hamlet!


Chokey, pigtail hammer throw, or force fed chocolate cake?

Tim:  I would rather give out a throw. I think that would be quite fun for a kid to get.

Dennis:  I think it’s a throw on both counts. I’d rather throw someone but I’d also rather be thrown, assuming that we were living in the world of Matilda and the laws of physics didn’t apply and I wouldn’t actually have multiple fractures!

Tim: I would like to be force fed a small chocolate cake, quite a pleasant amount.